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SEP Assembly History 

An introduction to our assembly history from FALL ASSEMBLY 2012 


Circa 2016: Past Grand Regent Palmieri speaking at the SEP Spring Assembly in Orlando, Florida.​

The first meeting at Epsilon Mu was a unique assembly, focused on achieving tasks and getting to know new Province Brothers. The Executive Committee recommended incorporating at least one social event during the weekend.


The agenda included:

  1. Opening of the Assembly by the Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor.

  2. Roll Call led by the Assistant Supervisor.

  3. Suspension of By-Law IX, Sec. 1 of the Uniform Province By-Laws to accommodate the meeting's order of business, followed by a motion to accept the proposed agenda.

  4. Nominations for essential offices: Satrap, Vice Satrap, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Chaplain.

  5. Officer Elections, with candidates having an opportunity to address the assembly. The Province Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor didn't participate in the voting.

  6. Break and Installation of Officers, after which the new Satrap would preside over the rest of the meeting, and the new Secretary would handle the minutes.

  7. Updates to Local Ordinances, particularly focusing on changes to the Province name, dues and assessments, meeting rotation, and officer elections.

  8. Creation of Province Treasuries, with two recommended options for establishing new Province treasuries through special assessments and dues.

  9. Presentation of the Fall Packet by the Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor to educate the Province on its content.

  10. Chapter History Presentation, providing a brief history of each Chapter in the Province to familiarize all members with the Chapters.

  11. New Business, including resolutions and any other matters addressed with the Assembly acting as a Committee of the Whole. 

This laid the foundation for the beginning of SEP’s Assembly format, and it birthed the beginning of a new province, SEP. 



Host Chapter: Epsilon Mu
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: Nov 16-18, 2012



Host Chapter: Delta Upsilon
Location: Palm Beach, FL
Date: Feb 22 - 24, 2013

Chaplain Elizabeth Warren offered the invocation, followed by a welcome of Brothers, Grand Officers, and Province Guests.


The Southeast Province welcomed visiting Brothers from

  • Gamma Psi,

  • Epsilon Kappa,

  • Buies Creek Grad, and

  • Seattle Grad

Several resolutions were presented, expressing gratitude to various individuals and groups involved in organizing the conclave, including Regent Samantha Schmidt, Province Supervisors David Caristi and Elaine Moy, the Graduate Member-at-Large, Collegiate Member-at-Large, and all attending brothers.


Jennifer Cortes was recognized for offering a CE, and Brother Doctor Michael Jackson was highlighted for his valuable insights. And, Epsilon Eta received congratulations for winning the Chapter Report Award.


Brothers Tien Nguyen and Timmy Do from Epsilon Mu, and Brothers Samantha Schmidt and Angelica Costanzo from Delta Upsilon were recognized with pins.


A tribute and birthday wishes were also extended to Brother Doctor Marvin Smith. A tribute was also given to the Delta Upsilon, the hosting chapter.


Brother Dr. Michael Jackson, EVP, CEO of FPA, delivered the keynote address, and the assembly was closed after committee reports and following elections of new officers.

The meeting was called to order by Satrap Halena Sautman, and the Opening Ritual was conducted by her and Province Supervisor Chris Miller. Followed up by Chaplain Elizabeth Warren delivering the Invocation.


The Satrap extended a warm welcome to Brothers, Grand Officers, and Province Guests, acknowledging the presence of visiting Brothers from Gamma Psi. Regent Aaron Joseph (Epsilon Sigma) and GCD Alan Obringer (Epsilon Sigma) offered the Host Chapter Welcome.


Province Chaplain Elizabeth Warren and Grand Ritualist Dr. Harry Marcelin led a well-received Ritual Workshop, explaining the meanings behind the Ritual and demonstrating the proper method of conducting it.


The Legislative Committee, led by Vice-Satrap Karl Healy on behalf of Committee Chair Dr. Daniel Welch, addressed several motions. One significant motion pertained to Ordinance 3, specifying per capita fees for Collegiate and Graduate Chapters, and their due dates.


The motion underwent revisions during discussions, clarifying the implications of non-payment for Chapters and their voting rights.


Ultimately, the revised motion was passed unanimously, establishing the updated fee structure and consequences for non-payment.


Afterwards, officers and committees gave their reports, the assembly came to an end.

st. pete.jpeg


Host Chapter: Epsilon Sigma
Location: St. Pete, FL
Date: Sept 13 - 15, 2013

2014 .jpeg


Host Chapter: Iota
Location: Charleston, SC
Date: Feb 21-23, 2014

Satrap Halena Sautman called the meeting to order, followed by The Opening Ritual conducted by Satrap Halena as well with Supervisor Chris Miller, symbolizing the significance of the gathering. 

Visiting Brothers from various chapters, including

  • Gamma Xi, Gamma Phi, Gamma Psi, Delta Lambda,

  • NC Grad,

  • Gulf Coast Province Satrap, Seattle Grad/Pac-West Supervisor, and

  • Iota were welcomed.


A welcoming video compiled by the Iota Brothers was played, and gratitude was expressed to all attendees by the host chapter. Details regarding the upcoming Leadership Retreat in Orlando, FL, on July 18-20, 2014, were shared, with more information to be provided later, followed by elections.

  1. Elected 2014/2015 Officers

    • Satrap: Brother Karl Healy

    • Vice Satrap: Saswat Kabisatpathy 

    • Secretary: Samantha Schmidt 

    • Treasurer: Travis Ireland 

    • Historian: Timmy Do 

    • Chaplain: Amanda Brown 

    • Parliamentarian: Dave Cook 

    • Webmaster: Sarah Maksimovic 

    • Assistant Webmaster: Daniel Morley

    • Newsletter Editor: Harrison Beasley 

    • Assistant Newsletter Editor: Bella Mogaka

    • GCC Delegate: Jenny Carrillo 

    • Alt GCC Delegate:  Brother Trey Reeves 


Following elections and reports, Satrap Halena Sautman delivered closing remarks and installed the newly elected Province Officer.


The meeting concluded with the Closing Ritual, conducted by the newly installed Satrap, Karl Healy.

Brother Amanda Brown led a heartfelt invocation, setting a reverent atmosphere for the meeting.


Brother Ryan Wargo extended a warm welcome to all Brothers, Grand Officers, and Province Guests on behalf of the host chapter.


The Southeast Province Satrap warmly welcomed Brothers from various chapters, including

  • Pittsburgh Grad, Portland Grad, Arizona Grad, Illinois Grad, Iowa Grad, Atlanta Grad, Athens Grad, Beta Kappa, Seattle Grad, and

  • Gamma Psi.


Brother Harry Marcelin congratulated SEP chapters, with special recognition for Epsilon Mu, Epsilon Eta, Delta Upsilon, and Delta Omega for being among the top 20.


Orlando Grad (#4) and Tampa Grad were also commended for being in the top 15.

The Leadership Retreat was also discussed. It was held in July 2014 in Orlando, Florida, and it was a resounding success with 48 attendees. The retreat featured a variety of workshops and speakers, focusing on emotional intelligence, leveraging strengths, principle-centered leadership, effective communication, crucial conversations, mentorship, leading change, and more.


Multiple speakers, including Brother Karl Healy, Brother Saswat Kabisatpathy, Brother Jeremy Lund, and Brother John Armitstead, contributed to the enriching experience.


The attendees expressed gratitude to the Brothers of the Leadership Planning Committee: Keon Thomas, Tiffany Smith, Leah Sautman, Timmy Do, and Samantha Schmidt, for organizing the event. 

A historical video competition was also introduced at Assembly, focusing on the foundation of Kappa Psi and fraternity history. The competition was to create visual and oral historical records commemorating significant moments in our fraternity’s history to be used for instructing nonmembers, prospective members and current Brothers about Kappa Psi historical events.


The assembly was then called to a close following reports.



Host Chapter: Epsilon Eta
Location: Bradenton, FL
Date: Sept 5 - 7, 2014



Host Chapter: Delta Rho
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Date: Feb 20-22, 2015

Invocation: Brother Amanda Brown led a heartfelt invocation, followed by Brother Danielle Lerch expressing excitement and warm welcome on behalf of Delta Rho Chapter.


The Southeast Province Satrap welcomed Brothers from various chapters, including

  • Gamma Psi, Delta Phi, Beta Epsilon,

  • Illinois Grad, Minnesota Grad, and Central Office.


The executive committee facilitated and introduced new channels of communication among chapters, province officers, and the executive committee by creating a GroupMe for SEP Executive Committee, Collegiate Regents, and Collegiate Secretaries.


They also updated the SEP Website calendar in collaboration with the Webmaster/Assistant Webmaster.


The committee created the "SEP Collegiate Secretary Survival Guide," which provides valuable resources for Collegiate Secretaries, including due dates for Central Office and Province, examples of agendas and minutes, and tips for effective minute-taking.


After committees gave their reports officer positions were elected and the meeting closed.

The following positions were elected

  1. Elected 2015/2016 Officers

  • Satrap: Samantha Schmidt

  • Vice Satrap: Timmy Do

  • Secretary: Amanda Brown

  • Treasurer: Caleb English

  • Historian: Daniel Morley

  • Chaplain: Todd Larson

  • Parliamentarian: Zach Usztok

  • Webmaster: Kurt Pessa

  • Assistant Webmaster: Monica Tadros

  • Newsletter Editor: Erin Davidson

  • Assistant Newsletter Editor: Cesar Redaja Jr.

Brother Todd Larson delivered an invocation, followed by Brother Ashley Covert expressing joy in celebrating 10 years of Delta Omega.


Brother Ashley also welcomed all brothers, offering assistance through various communication channels.


The Southeast Province Satrap welcomed Brothers from various chapters, including


  • Cleveland Grad, Iowa Grad, Atlanta Grad, South Carolina Upstate Grad, Buies Creek Grad,

  • Gamma Phi, Epsilon Phi, Delta Lambda, Gamma Psi, and Central Office.


Congratulations were given to Brother Melissa Buchanan for being elected as Grand Historian, and The Southeast Province made a donation of $2800 to the Foundation, with appreciation extended to Brothers Harrison Britt, Chris Winslow, Erin Davidson, and Trey Reeves.


Recognition Pins were given to Brothers Ashley Covert and Ryan Clark. Congratulations were given to all the Chapters recognized at GCC, with special mention to the top performing Chapters:


  1. Delta Omega,

  2. Zeta Delta, and

  3. Zeta Gamma.


The Top 10 Kappa Psi collegiate chapters included

  • Delta Upsilon (#6) and

  • Epsilon Mu (#1).


Top performing grad chapters were

  • Tampa Grad (#10 - most improved),

  • Savannah Grad (#4), and

  • Orlando Grad (#3).


GCD Achievement Awards were presented to

  • Jenny Carrillo and

  • Harry Patrick Marcelin, and


Foundation Scholarship Recipients included

  • Ashley Covert (Delta Omega),

  • Brittany McNure (Delta Omega), and

  • Jerica Singleton (Zeta Delta).


Chapter Awards were given as follows:

  1. Industry: Zeta Delta.

  2. Sobriety: Zeta Delta.

  3. Fellowship: Epsilon Mu.

  4. High Ideals: Delta Rho.

  5. Best Chapter Video: Delta Rho


SEP Chapter of the Year was given to Epsilon Mu in 1st place, followed by Delta Rho in 2nd and Zeta Delta in 3rd.


Following awards and recognitions, committee and officer reports were held then the meeting was adjourned. 


Host Chapter: Delta Omega
Location: Savannah, GA
Date: Sept 11 - 13, 2015

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