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Delta Upsilon

West Palm, Florida

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Beautiful Landscape
Glass Buildings

About Us

Founded on May 3, 2003 at Palm Beach Atlantic University, we at Delta Upsilon are advocates of the profession of pharmacy, the fraternity, and each other. When we aren't celebrating our brother's numerous accomplishments you can find us in the community offering screenings, at the state capitol, or supporting and socializing with our neighboring chapters here in South Florida.

Officer List

  • Regent: Michael Alder

  • Vice Regent: Tania Qureshi

  • Secretary: Faith Lanuzo

  • Treasurer: Christian Armas

  • Historian: Paola Freyre

  • Chaplain: Josuah Tilus

  • Sergent-at-Arms: David Alirezaei

  • GCD: Dr. Jose Thompson

  • GCD: Dr. Ryan Howerton

Newly Initiated 2021-2022

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