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  • Audit any individual or group who possess SEP funds or property yearly and as needed

  • Perform an audit of all hosting Chapters’ reports and Treasurer’s bi-annual report (all invoices, receipts, bank statements, and any other monetary expenses) for respective Assembly planning and provide to the SEP within 30 days of an Assembly

  • Provide to the SEP within 30 days of an Assembly

  • Advise SEP Satrap/Executive Committee

  • Draft SEP policies/ordinances with Legislative Committee

  • Evaluate award criteria for Chapter/Brother recognition

  • Plan continuing education activities at SEP events that are eligible for CE credit in all 50 states

  • Develop and coordinate professional development activities at SEP Assemblies

  • Continue the Province-wide curriculum vitae (CV) review program

  • Coordinate and facilitate the SEP Professional Mentor Program

  • Update budget for 2021-2022 year

  • Determine and allocate funds to SEP committee with approval from EC

  • Develop fundraising efforts for the SEP Executive Committee

  • Assist Chapters with filing their taxes and ensure dues are up-to-date

  • Review financial status of each chapter and provide direct guidance

  • Plan and execute the annual SEP Leadership Retreat 

  • Conduct leadership development training via workshops, webinars, and written materials

  • Maintain the archive of development trainings in the SEP Public Drive

  • Research and secure keynote speakers for Assemblies when applicable

  • Review Province By-Laws and updates

  • Distribute educational material regarding Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Collect legislative proposals prior to Province Assemblies for voting

  • Assist SEP Chapters reviewing Chapter Ordinances annually

  • Assist Advisory Committee with drafting new policies and ordinances


●    Encourage participation in the National Philanthropic Project
●    Coordinate (with the host Chapter) a philanthropy event to be held at each SEP Assembly
●    Promote a philanthropy week across the SEP
●    Develop methods for Brothers of the SEP to participate in Province-wide philanthropy endeavors
●    Ensure all Chapters’ philanthropy chairs update the Province calendar with their respective  philanthropy events


●    Coordinate Chapter visits to assess and assist 
●    Distribute any Province development presentations in the SEP Public Drive
●    Develop pledge programming during Assemblies 
●    Assist SEP Chapters in completing the National and SEP Chapter progress report 

Graduate & GCD
grad gcd.jpg

●    Assist graduating Brothers with transition to Graduate Chapters
●    Assist the Graduate Chapters in completing and submitting for national awards to Central Office
●    Promote Graduate presence and involvement in pharmacy-related political and legislative matters
●    Develop and present a GCD workshop or webinar
●    Plan a forum at Assemblies for SEP GCDs as well as maintain an online platform for SEP GCDs to communicate and exchange ideas throughout the year 


●    Create a tri-annual SEP newsletter in conjunction with the NLE/Assistant NLE
●    Encourage and assist all Chapters to create a newsletter each semester 
●    Educate Chapters how to update the Grand Historian online newsletter records
●    Assist the Webmaster/Assistant Webmaster with utilization of social media platforms
●    Promote an Industry Week across the SEP

Risk Management

●    Develop a Risk Management presentation for Assembly
●    Ensure Chapter compliance with National Risk Management policies 
●    Collaborate with the hosting Chapter to mitigate all risks and enforce policy at all Province-related events
●    Review SEP publications and maintain compliance with the picture policy

Family Inclusion
  • ●    Coordinate child care at Province Assemblies 
    ●    Create a registry of Brothers willing to participate in child care activities within the geographic vicinity of each Collegiate Chapter in the Province 
    ●    Plan activities geared towards significant others and children at Province Assemblies 
    ●    Plan family inclusion activities outside of Province Meetings

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