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Devi Surajbali

Greetings, Brothers!

My name is Devi Surajbali and I am a 2018 initiate of the Epsilon Mu Chapter. I am currently a third-year student in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Orlando. Throughout my pharmacy school career, the Brothers of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. have played an integral role in my professional development and success. It is an honor to belong to a Brotherhood of strong, intelligent, and innovative pharmacy leaders. Since becoming a Brother, I have served on the Southeast Province Philanthropy Committee and Education & Professional Development Committee. My involvement with these committees has allowed me to give back to an organization that has already given so much to me. I am excited to serve as the Southeast Province Secretary and work with the Executive Committee in propelling the growth of our Province, our Brothers, and our Fraternity. 



Devi "Solstice" Surajbali

Armando Mieres

Greetings, Brothers!

Armando Mieres Jr. is a 2017 initiate from the Zeta Gamma Chapter. During his time as a collegiate, he was involved in many of the chapter’s committees as well as serving as the chapter’s Pledge Master for a year. Like many of us, his favorite memories are centered around Assembly and serving the Fraternity alongside his brothers. Two things that he holds dearly to his heart are professional development and fellowship with his brothers (work hard, play harder). Armando is currently completing a PGY-1 residency at South Miami Hospital where he aspires to prepare himself to be an exceptional clinical pharmacist. When he is not in a suit and tie, you can be sure to spot him on a dance floor dancing the night away :)


Armando "Sea Legs" Mieres


Aaron Young

Greetings, Brothers!


I am Aaron “Mermaid Man” Young and I am a member of the Charleston Graduate Chapter. I was inducted into the Iota Chapter in 2017, and went on to serve as their Treasurer and Regent. I have since served at the Province level as Parliamentarian, Vice-Satrap, and now Satrap of the Southeast Province. 

Since graduating with a PharmD/MBA, I have been living in Nashville, TN where I will soon complete a PGY1 Managed Care Pharmacy Residency with HCA Healthcare. I have always been interested in the administrative and business-oriented sides of pharmacy. The organizational and management principles I’ve learned along the way have been essential for my leadership roles in Kappa Psi. 

I remain involved in Kappa Psi post-graduation because I love to invest in the development of our Collegiate Brothers. Our Chapters provide a learning framework for Brothers to develop valuable career skills such as leadership, networking, and project management. It gives me great joy to see new Brothers each year find their way in our Fraternity and the profession of pharmacy. 

I know the last year has been difficult for our Chapters. Now that we can finally see the finish line of this pandemic, we are faced with the challenge to rebuild. I want you to know that the Southeast Province will be here to support and help drive each of its Chapters and all of its Brothers forward. Together, we can come out of this terrible season stronger than ever before. 




Aaron "Mermaid" Young


Liem Dang
Vice Satrap

Greetings, Brothers!


I am a recent graduate from the University of Florida Orlando Campus and am pursuing a position in pharmaceutical industry. Although Kappa Psi has brought me many wonderful memories, my most memorable would be when I attended my first GCC and saw how widespread our Fraternity was. I met Brothers near and far and we all had a great time together. Some of my favorite activities are reading and cooking. In fact, I hope to put together a cookbook one day! 




Liem "ACE" Dang

Matthew Haas

Greetings, Brothers!

My name is Matthew Haas and I am a Spring 2019 initiate of the Epsilon Eta Chapter. I have previously served as my chapters Pledgemaster and Regent.


I am excited to serve our province as the Parliamentarian. A passion of mine is solving puzzles, flag football, and playing board/video games. I hope to pursue a PGY1 to reach my goal as a pharmacist who serves the underserved from an ambulatory care clinic.


Matthew "Resolute" Haas

Sarah Rowe
NewsLEtter Editor

Greetings, Brothers!

My name is Sarah Rowe and I am a 2020 initiate of the Iota Chapter at the Medical University of South Carolina. I have spent this academic year serving as a chair member for both 1st and 3rd Vice Regent. Under our 1st Vice, I serve as Shifa Clinic coordinator. The Shifa Clinic is a free clinic in Charleston that provides social and medical services to those in need. My responsibilities for this clinic include delegating volunteers from within our chapter in order to support the clinic with their COVID hunger relief program and vaccine clinics. As a 3rd Vice committee chair member, I communicate through numerous platforms with members of our graduate chapter and faculty in order to keep them up to date with the collegiate brothers and our upcoming events.


Outside of school I spend my time working at MUSC’s Investigational Drug Services as well as OmniCare Long Term Care Pharmacy. During my free time I enjoy going to the beach, skiing during the winter months, and spending time with my friends and family. Now serving as Newsletter Editor of the Southeast Province, I plan to showcase all of our achievements, promote the PTBYB podcast, and explore new ways to connect the province during the pandemic.



Sarah “Cheeto” Rowe


Julie Mavrakis

Greetings, Brothers!


My name is Panajota Mavrakis, but most know me as Julie. I’m a 2019 Initiate of the Zeta Phi Chapter and a current Brother of the Southeast Florida Bahamas Graduate Chapter.  

Since then, I have strived to play an active role as a Brother in our amazing Fraternity. I have been fortunate to chair/co-chair multiple committees, as well serve as Treasurer, and am excited to now be serving as your Historian. I recently graduated and am looking forward to starting a PGY-1 residency at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Outside of pharmacy and Kappa Psi, I enjoy going on adventures with my 4-year-old, painting, cycling, and traveling. PTBYB.



Julie “Jewels” Mavrakis


Chris Donaldson

Greetings, Brothers!

My name is Chris "Thicc Thor" Donaldson, and I am proud to be serving the province as your chaplain for 2021-22. I am a 2020 initiate of the Iota Chapter, serving as pledgemaster during the pandemic. Before pharmacy school, I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2018  I am humbled to be given this opportunity, and look forward to ensuring the rituals of our great organization continue into the future.


Chris "Thicc Thor" Donaldson

Rachel Callender
Asst. Newsletter Editor 

Greetings, Brothers!


I am a Fall 2020 initiate of the Epsilon Mu Chapter at the University of Florida, Orlando Campus. I am also a first year pharmacy student. I have interests in pharmacogenomic research and compounding pharmacy.


Since pledging Kappa Psi, I have felt a strong sense of belonging. The collective interactions that I have had with my pledge class, the Brothers in my Chapter, and those that I have interacted with in the Southeast Province have been nothing short of inspiring. Consequently, I am delighted to be able to give back to the Province through my year as Assistant Newsletter Editor.


Outside of Kappa Psi and pharmacy, I am a devoted wife and a mother to four children. I enjoy practicing classical ballet, studying natural childbirth techniques, and lazying at Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet State Park.




Rachel “Achelois” Callender


Vincent Huynh

Greetings, Brothers!


My name is Vincent Huynh and I am a 3rd year pharmacy student at the Taneja College of Pharmacy at the University of South Florida.


Since becoming a Brother of Kappa Psi, I have been able to grow as an individual and learn much about the world of pharmacy. It has been a pleasure getting to know some great people through Kappa Psi and wouldn't trade it for anything else.

I hope to be able to give back to the organization in a meaningful manner am grateful for this opportunity. 


Vincent 'Vindr' Huynh


Alex Shantiai
ASst. Webmaster

Greetings, Brothers!

My name is Alex Shantiai and it is my honor and pleasure to serve the Province as our current Assistant Webmaster. I am an initiate of the Delta Upsilon chapter. I served with my chapter in several capacities as Sergeant at Arms, Judiciary Chair, Risk Management Chair, Philanthropy Chair, Scholarship/Academic Committee Leader, and previously a Sigma Pledge-class President. I am also involved in local chapters of APHA, SSHP, IPHO, PLS, and FL Legislative Days where I absolutely love interacting with all of our regional brothers and I am grateful for the many new relationships we have cemented the last two years. Kappa Psi has shown me positive opportunities that can come and it’s our brothers that have helped me, when things even get tough, to work a bit harder. 

We are hoping to provide you an excellent destination with our SEP websites and great activity with our social links. 


Quick fun facts about me are that I am a relatively good cook/griller, I have been loving the Miami Dolphins for the last 19 years, I never doubt the Miami Heat, and eventually I wish to get back to playing tennis in real-life. Two other concepts to just quickly throw out there that are meaningful to me are: Prayer and charity. Daily prayer makes me humble and charity makes me healthy. I’m a professional volunteer- if you need someone up and about, I’ve got two good legs. I hope this experience shall equip me to become a better student, a better pharmacist, and the best brother. 



Alex "Shayan" Shantiai

new alex headshot.jpg

Ravi Bacchus
Immediate Past Satrap

Greetings, Brothers!

My name is Ravi Bacchus and I’m a 2012 Initiate of the Epsilon Mu Chapter and a current Brother of the Orlando Graduate Chapter and Southeast Florida – Bahamas Graduate Chapter.

After pharmacy school, I completed my PGY-1 at Florida Hospital Orlando before moving on to a PGY-2 in critical care at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Following that, I landed a job at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital where I currently work as a critical care clinical specialist. Outside of the pharmacy realm, I enjoy playing fantasy football, learning about Greek mythology, cooking and traveling.

After years of servitude to the Southeast Province, in various capacities, I’m honored to serve as Immediate Past Satrap and continue giving back to the Province which has invested so much in me. I’m excited to work alongside a group of likeminded officers to galvanize change within this dynamic Province. The biggest focuses of my term are on fostering Chapter development and increasing Brother engagement. Having come from humble beginnings, Kappa Psi has allowed me to pursue a dream I never thought possible. I’ve put my heart and soul into everything I’ve
done for this Fraternity. This is the way. PTBYB.



Ravi “Salai” Bacchus

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